Mandate / Aims for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

Pakistan and ICIMOD have been working together for the mountain agenda in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region with policy-makers, experts, planners, and practitioners. Together with Pakistan, ICIMOD has been emphasizing  the importance of enhancing and strengthening partnerships to develop and customize methodologies and tools and also to carry out innovative applied research to support future programme development. ICIMOD provides support to Pakistan in terms of;
1. Capacity building
2. Strengthening institutional capacity
3. Research and demonstrations
4. Organizing regional and international workshops and Conferences

Location of activity at Provincial Level

GB, Chitral

Location of  activity at District Level

Gilgat & Chitral

Current Projects contributing to Climate Change

Regional Programme 

1: Adaptation to Change

Enhance resilience and support adaptation of vulnerable mountain communities and ecosystems, especially to climate change.

Regional Programme 

2:Transboundary Landscapes

Conservation and sustainable use of natural resources (biodiversity, rangelands, farming systems, forests, wetlands and watersheds) in landscapes defined by ecosystems rather than administrative boundaries

Contact Person

Abdul Wahid Jasra, Ph.D.
Country Representative,
Pakistan Office,
Tel +92-51-9255003