HASHOO Foundation

Mandate / Aims for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

1. Renewable Energy: promoting uptake of solar energy technologies
2. Community Based Adaptation: strengthening the water-energy-food nexus
3. Solid Waste Management: recycle, reduce, re-use, and disposal
4. Forestry: enhancing carbon sinks and environmental quality
5. Disaster Risk Reduction

Location of activity at Provincial Level

KPK, Punjab

Location of  activity at District Level

Gilghit, Chitral, Lahore

Current Projects contributing to Climate Change

1. Create awareness and strengthen institutional capacities for the promotion and protection of our environment and to reduce the negative effects of climate change. HF seeks green solutions and environment friendly practices in all aspects of its work.

2. A Safer Tomorrow — DP/DRR Intervention in District Chitral and Malakand, (A Safer Tomorrow—Disaster Preparedness in Schools (STDP-1).

3. A safer Tomorrow—Institutionalization of DRR within Education System (SDTP-2) in KPK. The first phase was i to building capacity and raising awareness on Disaster Preparedness (DP) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in selected schools. The second phase was to mitigate the hazards of natural disasters threatening school kids and the wider communities, it vehemently concentrated on implementing School Based Disaster Risk Management (SBDRM) in the 45 schools in district Chitral and Malakand.

Contact Person

Umama Binte Azhar
Hashoo foundation
Assistant manager Environment
Rabia Arif
Senior Program Officer