Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO)

Mandate / Aims for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

1. Undertake research and conduct pilot studies based on the applications of Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS) data and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to natural resources surveying, mapping and environmental monitoring
2. Undertake research studies in space and atmospheric sciences including satellite meteorology, satellite radiance, troposphere/stratosphere studies, atmospheric pollution, satellite geodesy and astronomy
3. Undertake research studies relating to the ionosphere and associated radio wave propagation and geomagnetism

Location of activity


Current Projects contributing to Climate Change

SUPARCO’s Climate Change Study Program primarily addresses the issues concerned with parameters and processes responsible for climate change with a view to provide a better understanding of the effects and behavior of key trace gases in the atmosphere. The analysis includes both experimental and computational studies in order to assess the impact of climate change on national, regional and global scale, so that vulnerable areas and adaptation options can be identified

Under this program, SUPARCO is engaged in the following studies:

(1) Aerosol Optical Thickness (Seasonal Study of Aerosols Optical Thickness and Cloud Cover over Pakistan using Satellite Data)

(2) Ozone Depletion

Contact Person

Member (Space Application & Research)
Ph: 92-21-34690765-79
Fax: 92-21-34644928, 34694941