PARC National Agricultural Research Centre

Mandate / Aims for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

1. Raising Productivity and Output                                                                                                   1.1. Improving Inputs (planting materials, feed/fertilizer, breeds)
1.2.Strengthening the Value Chain (harvesting, transport, storage)
1.3.Land and Water Conservation and Management
1.4. Value Addition
2. Climate Smart Agriculture
2.1.Harnessing Alternative Energies
2.2. Adapting to climate change
2.3.Environment Protection
3.Good Agriculture Practices
3.1.Reduced reliance on Chemical use (pesticides and fertilizer)
3.2.Product Quality and Competitiveness
3.3.Disease/pests surveillance, diagnostics and solutions
4. Knowledge Management
4.1.Commercialization and International Market Information
4.2.Diagnostics for Establishing Research Priorities (incl. for small farmers)
4.3. Use of New Technologies for Knowledge transfer

Location of activity


Current Projects contributing to Climate Change

1. Currently, PARC is coordinating with 104 countries and 81 international agencies/organizations, and has 34 and 9 MOUs with different countries and organizations, respectively. PARC has liaison offices with 5 international organizations including FAO, CIMMYT, ICARDA, AVRDC and ICIMOD.

2. Plant biodiversity conservation and utilization in NARS

3. Capacity Building of Farmers and agriculture stakeholders

4. Climate change and its adaptation

4.1. Climate change/variability analysis, impact assessment

4.2.Identify, analyze and demonstrate climate smart best practices through robust evidences

4.3. Remote sensing based agro-met advisory services for farmers and other stake holders

5. Range and forestry

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