Forest, Wildlife and Fisheries Department Punjab

Mandate / Aims for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

1. Forest
1.1 Preparation and implementation of policies and programs in forestry sector.
1.2.  Implementation of Forestry Laws and rules.
1.3. Protection, conservation, development and management of renewable natural resources, particularly forests and range lands in the province.
1.4. Demarcation and protection of Forest lands against encroachment. Raising of nurseries and plantations on public as well as on farmlands under PPP mode.
1.5. Provide extension services for mass awareness and conduct research and  training for capacity building.
2. Wildlife
3. Fisheries

Location of activity


Current Projects contributing to Climate Change

1. Initiatives on Public Private Partnership (Industrial Plantation Rules, 2013)

2. Green Pakistan Programme – Reclamation and Development of Forest Areas in Punjab

3. Social Forestry to Increase Tree Cover on Farmlands (Kissan Package)
– Raising of nursery plants in public sector and its distribution to the beneficiaries in the farmer’s community for raising of linear and Compact plantation on cost sharing basis on the farmlands.
-The model of nursery stock raising by the farmers themselves on their own farmlands with further distribution for planting stock to the surrounding farming communities was also adopted.

4. Enhance Range Lands Production and Planting of Fodder Trees for Farmer Community

5. Research and Training Institutes

Contact Person

Shahid Rasheed Awan
Additional Secretary (Tech)
Ph: (042) 99210176