Federal Flood Commission

Mandate / Aims for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

1. Preparation of Flood Protection Plan for the country including management of then Plan;
2. Scrutiny of flood control/protection schemes funded by the federal government and prepared by Provincial Governments and Federal Agencies;
3. Review of damage of flood protection works and review of plans for restoration and reconstruction works;
4. Measures for improvement of Flood Forecasting & Warning System;
5. Preparation of a Research Programme for flood control and protection;
6. Standardization of designs and specifications for flood protection works;
7. Recommendations regarding principles of regulation of reservoirs for flood control;
8. Evaluation and monitoring of progress of implementation of the National Flood Protection Plan;
9. Federal Flood Commission may notify sub-committees as it deems appropriate.

Location of activity


Current Projects contributing to Climate Change

1. Flood Management/Mitigation before (preemptive measures for better flood management during

monsoon season), during (Daily Flood Situation Report to higher ups and Flood Management related agencies, based on Weather Forecasts/ Advisories and Rainfall & Rivers flow data) and after (flood protection schemes in consultation with Provincial Irrigation Departments and Federal Line agencies and re-prioritized in light of allocated budget under PSDP (2017-18) for execution of urgent nature flood protection schemes through Normal/Emergent Flood Programme) monsoon.

2. “Integrated Flood Plain Management along River Indus for diverting and storing flood water through ecological infrastructure”. partner WWF

3. National Water Policy 2018

4. Pakistan Water Charter 2018

Contact Person

Ahmad Kamal
Chairman FFC
Address : Plot#, 06, Sec G-5/1 near old MNA Hostel
Landmarks : NIC Building, Sarina Hotel
City : Islamabad
Phone : +92-51-9206589
Fax : +92-51-9221805