SDPI (Sustainable Development Policy Institute)

Mandate / Aims for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

  1. Environment (Climate Change)
  2. Sustainable Livelihoods
  3. Resilient Development Programme
  4. Gender
  5. Energy
  6. Governance

Location of activity at Provincial Level


Location of activity at District Level

  1. Muzaffargarh and Rahim Yar Khan
  2. Peshawar IDI Urban
  3. Sindh Karachi IDI &KI & FGD Urban

Current Projects contributing to Climate Change

1. Feasibility Study for R4 Rural Resilience Initiative in Pakistan

Situation Analysis of Risk Management Practices (This feasibility study, in order to guide WFP’s R4 programme, aims to provide the situation analysis of current practices of farmers for risk management. Also, the analysis extends to farmers’ perceptions regarding available strategies of risk management. The inquest also involves identifying the barriers to risk management. Broadly, the analysis guides WFP’s interventions for improving resilience of rural farming households through using Social Safety Nets in Punjab, Pakistan)

2. Combating Heat Stress in South Asia – A Cross-CARIAA effort

(This cross-consortia synergies project aims to bring together current CARIAA research approaches into heat and heat stress in South Asia. Introducing the quantitative measurement approach developed for the urban HI-AWARE sites to the rural ASSAR sites, the study aims to analyze the exposure to heat stress and the suitability of various adaptive measures in rural India. This will be linked to SDPI and WOTR’s insights derived from participatory research aimed at better understanding of the underlying drivers and barriers behind coping mechanisms and (mal) adaptation)

3. Country Table Activities for Research-Policy Engagement and Research

Country Table Activities for Research-Policy Engagement and Research into Use Across PRISE and Hi-AWARE Consortia in Pakistan (Pathways to Resilience in Semi-arid Economies (PRISE), and Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience Research (HI-AWARE) consortia in Pakistan are carrying out an extensive research to advance theoretical and practical knowledge of climate resilience and adaptation in the mountains and semi-arid areas of Indus plain. These research programs will enhance demand-driven research to understand the impact of climate change on economic development, to increase the climate resilience and adaptive capacities of the most vulnerable and to influence policy and practice that will improve their livelihoods)

Contact Person

Sahar Basharat David
Taimur Chambers Plot # 10-D (WEST),
Fazal-ul-Haq Rd, Islamabad